Michael Mangan is an Australian composer, educator, liturgist and leader of sung prayer. Since releasing his first collection in 1993 Michael has written over 250 pieces which are widely used in liturgy and religious education programs throughout Australasia and North America where his work is published by WLP/GIA.

He tours extensively each year leading concerts in schools and parishes and presenting workshops for pastoral musicians, teachers and parish liturgy teams. He speaks and performs at conferences and events throughout North America and Australasia and has been a featured regular at the annual LA Religious Education Conference since 2007.

Michael has a wealth of experience in parish music and liturgy and has served as leader of music ministry at All Saints Catholic Parish, Brisbane, Australia, for over 25 years. A former school music teacher, he has a special interest in liturgical and religious music for children and their families. Michael has composed theme songs, led music ministry, and consulted on music and liturgy for many archdiocesan and national Catholic conferences events including serving as music director and music supervisor for the first two Australian Catholic Youth Festivals in 2013 and 2015.

Michael is passionate about vibrant, engaging, assembly-friendly music and liturgy, and liturgical ministry to children and families. With his wife, Anne Frawley-Mangan, he is heavily involved in All Saints parish as a member of the Liturgy Team, Family Mass Team, RCIA team and Parish Leadership team.

In addition to degrees in Arts, Music, and Education, Michael holds a Master of Theology in Liturgical Studies. He is National Chair of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network (Australia’s NPM), a member of the Australian Academy of Liturgy, a board member of the journal, “Pastoral Liturgy,” and a Liturgy Education Consultant with the Archdiocese of Brisbane.